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Issue and verify universally-accepted digital credentials.

Trinsic is the proof of anything platform. We make it easy for people and organizations to prove things about themselves with technology instead of paper documents. Our software is based on Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs), a new digital identity standard.

Using Trinsic, organizations and their customers share data between each other in a trustworthy, standardized, and privacy-preserving way without requiring a centralized server or database.

We make all of this possible by signing, sharing and storing verifiable data within identity wallets owned by individuals. People can easily share them with others to prove things about themselves anywhere.

Learn how to issue and verify universally-accepted digital credentials so that anywhere people go online or in-person, they can simply tap their phone, prove who they are, and get what they need.

Our Products

Trinsic Core

Trinsic Core is infrastructure for digital trust. It's our set of APIs for sending verifiable data between digital identity wallets. Core gives people and organizations the ability to easily and securely prove things about themselves with digital credentials.

With Core, you can transform credentials, licenses, passes, and certificates into a W3C standard format that can be exchanged digitally and verified instantly by anyone called a "verifiable credential".

Trinsic Ecosystems

A layer built on top of Core, Trinsic Ecosystems is a product for organizations that want to build an ecosystem of different issuers, holders, and verifiers of credentials. By ecosystem, we mean a network of companies and consumers that need to be able to securely share and instantly verify data.

At Trinsic, we call the organizations that bring together these ecosystems of companies and customers "providers", since they are providing digital trust to the ecosystem through Trinsic's infrastructure.

Get Started in 15 Minutes

Want to get started using digital credentials quickly? Try our tutorial to get a conceptual walkthrough of a common use case.